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Waikato Branch of The Royal Society of New Zealand

The National BodyThe Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ) is an independent, national academy of sciences, a federation of some 60 scientific and technological societies, and individual members. The RSNZ promotes a critical awareness of science and technology in schools, industry and society, investing in excellence in people and ideas and putting them to work as an inspiration to New Zealanders. The RSNZ administers several funds for science and technology, publishes eight journals, offers science advice to government, and fosters international scientific contact and co-operation.

The Local Branch Waikato Branch Royal Society of New Zealand (Waikato Branch RSNZ) aims to support the mission of the national body, particularly by promoting awareness of science and technology in schools, industry, and society, within the Waikato community. We are an independent body with our own constitution. Our activities include monthly meetings, comprising talks by scientists, aimed at a general audience, and actively supporting the work of science-based institutions and groups like the Waikato Museum, Café Scientifique, and constituent organisations of the RSNZ. We are currently focused on identifying local groups involved in science communication, with the aim of promoting dialogue between them and raising public awareness of them.

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